Monday, January 09, 2006

keeping up with resolutions

i'm still trying hard to keep up with my resolution to be happy. but it's difficult when boys act weird. it sucks that i have to try. but i'm forcing myself to let go of that feeling of "well, does he like me, or doesn't he?" "sometimes he acts like he does, then a few days later, he acts like he doesn't". ick. i hate being a girl sometimes. guys don't think about this shit, i think... at least i hope they don't. if men acted half as crazy as women, it'd be complete anarchy. all i'm saying is, i'm trying to not let things get to me. i'm content being me, and i'm content with whatever happens this week or the next.. and so on. if boys want to act weird, so be it. it doesn't help though that i have people saying things to make me feel so good about the situation, then when i'm faced with the situation, it's completely and utterly not like what was suggested. *sigh*. i know i'm not making a whole lot of sense right now. but that's the way life is right now. non-senseical whoseit happenings..

also staying happy is difficult when the people i work with do the thing where they walk up to my desk and say assinine shit like "yea, how bout them panthers? too bad your bucs got an ass whoopin"
pssht. first of all, it was not an "ass whoopin". the panthers put an ass whoopin on the giants. the redskins just got lucky. all points scored were because of their defense. but it doesn't matter because next week they will be taken out by the seahawks.

ok enough football talk, i may be boring some of you.

the weekend:
friday night i won at poker: $32.00
saturday night i broke even.
sunday i watched football with katie daniel and erica.
sunday night i lost horribly at spades.

that's that. working tonight.


phaupster said...

it isn't so much that people said wonderful things about said boy, then he started acting weird. well, i guess it is. but he was acting different when things were said. now, he is acting skittish. maybe he's not grown up enough. or, maybe he is, and is realizing that there are things that would make your relationship not work out so well. i'll analyze for you gladly via email if you wish.

sorry we sucked so so so so so so so bad at spades. i don't care about football, so i have nothing to comment there. i think i'm done.

phaupster said...

and if anyone was wondering, while allison was winning poker, i was losing both nights. and then i lost spades. and last week i lost spades against allison and tim. i'm on a serious losing streak and something needs to be done soon. i do not approve. and allison, thanks for blogging and removing my boredom.

Allison said...

you're welcome for removing your boredom. but now we're both bored again. about boy: i'm just going to sit back and see what happens. remember the email conversation with the list that we had last week? definitely won't be happening now.

phaupster said...

oh no. the list is null and void.He talked to me about you Friday night before you guys got home. Nothing to intense, but I still might could give you some insight.