Monday, January 30, 2006

oh gnarly.

well it was another ho hum weekend. friday night was an average night at the brush. i made a lot of money, but nothing special happened. played the old poker on friday night and ended up winning 18 bucks after me and carmen decided to cash out when it came down to the two of us. that game is starting to get old. oh! and apparently while it is true that after two bottles of wine i play much better poker, it is also true that i turn mean and yesterday brian the dj/cook was sure to let me know that little fact. well, that sucks. either i lose money or i lose respect. *sigh*

saturday worked some mo' and made like 97 bucks! that was awesome considering i had a small section, and i messed up TWO tables' orders. how could i forget to ring in someone's food two times in a ROW? ah, well i still made 25 bucks off of those two tables combined. :) then saturday night i just went home and went to sleep. i'm a good girl like that. sunday was ANOTHER work day. but i got out at 3 and played lazer tag with a buddy of mine at the brush. we kicked some major ass. there is something invigorating about chasing around a bunch of 11 year old boys with a lazer gun and shooting them as much as i possibly can. i was on a team of four against 2 other teams of 7 each. my team each scored over 2000 points and no one on any other team scored that high. we RULED. yea.

i was SUPPOSED to go out for drinks with a certain ryan from myspace. but i guess he had something more important to do since he never called me back. WTF. oh well. i'm really not upset about it, i'm starting to get used to it. that's ok because i had a lot of fun at the OH GEE (olive garden) with katie, daniel, andrea and dave. mmmm.... stuffed chicken marsala is muy bueno. plus, katie brought me a sweet appalachian hoodie with a tiiiiny little neck. i will fix this.

then i headed to the phaups for a little spade action. brian the dj/cook and i whooped some butt. we have never beat carmen and satterfield. never. but last night we beat them by i believe around 500 points. that is impressive i must say. i myself got one nil, and helped bust 2 of satterfield's nils (one was a double nil). it was invigorating, like laser tagging 11 year old boys. hahaha. that just doesn't sound right.


Katie said...

Yeah, don't talk about tagging 11 year old boys. Not so good.
I'm thinking that if you didn't drink BOONE'S FARM, that you won't be an angry wino. Just my thoughts on that though...
Bygones about the tiiiiiny little neck. I'm so excited to eat my leftover OG for lunch today!!!

Allison said...

i just meant, cause you have that firewall you can't see most of the websites i send you!!

phaupster said...

i miss your blog. i'm only reading this now, and i feel behind the times. good game. it sucked balls. really. and about this ryan kid...pooh on him.