Thursday, January 26, 2006

mm hmm.

so tuesday night was the big Whoopacog Annual Meeting. only the big dogs and us the lowly employees were invited. it was a swanky event with councilmen, city and town managers, and a mayor or two. the object of the WhooPaCOG annual meeting is to get everyone together once a year and mingle. that's it. mingle. that's the whole point. well, those of you who know me, know that i don't like to mingle with people i don't know. (unless they're hot) but seriously the idea of walking around talking to bunch of rich old white people and trying to sound smart and like i care really just doesn't sound like any fun at all. i mainly just stick to my coworkers. they at least have a sense of humor. well anyways that's why i volunteered to be official staff photographer for the night. john marshall also volunteered, but he got stuck taking pics of all the people i don't know. at least there was an open bar, so i had 2 rum and cokes and a cranberry and vodka. mmmmm...
well, after a few hours of this, the suffering was ended and a bunch of us cool kids (i'm in the cool crowd, that's how UNCOOL this meeting was) we went to the tap room and proceeded to drink! throughout the night i had five mixed drinks and wasn't even tipsy.. that's sad. or i might have been tipsy and didn't realize it because somehow my hose got runny by the end of the night. right when we were about to leave, manly matt came in with some ho. i was saddened to say the least. but hey, i'm not messing around with him, i just like to look, so it didn't really bother me that much. he did tell me the next day that she was just a friend.. like i care..(right!!!). :)

me and laurie looking weird.

at least i was sexy that night! john took this pic at the tap room. then i found a picture on our shared drive from last year's meeting and BOY was i thick. it made me feel good considering i don't even feel like i've lost any weight.

so that was tuesday.
yesterday i almost got a ticket! i was driving back from lunch, and i pass the police station on my way. well, this popo kept following me, he turned down the street my job is on, then he turned in the same parking lot, then he pulled up right behind me when i parked! i'm freaking out! but his lights aren't on, so it can't be bad right? well when i got out he said "you know your tag's expired right?" *FUCK* is what went through my mind. when did this happen! that's bullshit. (i cuss a lot in my head). so i put on a shocked expression, because i really didn't know. and looked and sure enough, it expired in november. YIPPY. so i said, "wow, i didn't even realize it, i thought they were supposed to mail you another one or at least a notice or something!"
he told me they usually do, but it must have gotten lost in the mail or something. then my bosses pulled up in the spot next to me. the popo asked me if i knew where the tag office was and i told him no, but that's my boss in that car and i bet he knows. anywho since i'm a girl and i'm slightly cute and he was a young popo and obviously hadn't gotten any lately, he let me go. then i went and got that shit fixed. boy was i freaking out!! stupid post office won't forward shit from the DMV. and since my permanent address is still on my registration, it got sent to my mom's and then returned because stuff is forwarded from my mom's. aarrh.

so anywho then last night at work was actually fun for the most part. it was busy for a wednesday. dustin was pleasant and the flirting was good. matt was.. well.. matt. and everything went pretty smooth. i was closing, so i had to stay butt ass late because a bunch of bar people came in at like 930. but hey, it happens. i made 70 bucks last night. that is AWESOME for a wednesday. i sometimes don't even make that on a friday. straight into savings!

tonight i'm going to try to go on that blind date again. he had to cancel monday because he had to work late.. *sigh*


Katie said...

I can't believe the cop followed you! That would freak me out! Tuesday was much fun, and your pictures are all so good! I am still sleepy from staying out so late on a weeknight. I can't wait to sleep in Saturday morning. Good luck tonight!!!

Allison said...

yes, saturday i will sleep forever. thanks katie!

phaupster said...

i need to see you. i'm going into withdrawl. :) i'm glad your cog thing was fun. i'm about to glance at the pics. xxoo