Friday, January 06, 2006

rob the jewelry store and tell em make me a grill.

you know what? donnie darko is a REALLY good movie. the thing is you have to watch it a couple of times before you really understand EVERYTHING that's going on, but once you do, wow. jake gyllenhall is superb in this. it's so deep and charismatic, it deserves more recognition than it gets.
my favorite line:
Donnie: "Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?"
Frank the Bunny: "Why are you wearing that stupid human suit?"

"Every living thing on the planet dies alone".. now that one's a little depressing!

I am SERIOUSLY considering this condo biznazzz.. i just really need to talk to andrea. but it's tough. i need to find the time, and find a way to break it to her easy.. *sigh*
there's also the problem of, "can i really afford this?"
well i can.. but i'll be poor. unless.... unless i stay at the brush a little longer..
OR i could find someone in hickory who wants to rent a room from me! know anyone looking to live in supercool condo with me? hot tub! the 2nd bedroom is pretty big, too!

it's going to be an interesting year, i can tell you that already.

work tonight better be REALLY f'ing busy. or else i'm going to be sad and not want to play poker tonight. but i'm sure i will, i'm just saying.

poker! tee hee!


Katie said...

You can really get some good pictures when a cat yawns! I hope you make lots and lots of money tonight!!!

Allison said...

thanks.. i'll try.. maybe if i show my boobies i'll make better tips!

phaupster said...

have you considered asking brian? he's not tied down, and you know you guys get along OK-he might be into cheaper rent. although, he's awfully excited about the apartment that is all his right now. i suspect the bills will catch up with him though, and he'll need a roommate. that would mean that you lived with brian, though, so i don't know. i'm so tired that my eyes just keep watering. terrible. i need to go to bed at a reasonable hour.