Monday, January 23, 2006

title. (imaginative i know)

well, another monday, another dreary sleepy blog about my weekend... actually this weekend was relatively quiet compared to normal.. i mean work was busy, but play was not. friday night was excruciatingly busy at the brush. i thought i would die around 10pm when the smoking section was FULL and i was the only server left on. i mean, i'm good, but i'm not THAT good. at least the tips were decent. and fridays i get to close, so i don't have to sink to the degrading task of rolling silverware. and i didn't have to clean up the waitstation either, since i was too damn busy. then i met my old roomie, Nick at the Tap Room for a couple drinks with him, his friend jailbait dylan, and my buddy josh (manly matt's bro) from sagebrush. it was a good time, just sat around having a couple beverages and talking smack and reliving the "cream of chicken rice" era in my life. me and nick lived for months off of cream of chicken soup rice, free arby's and free mcdonald's. not healthy, but it's the way college students survive sometimes.
then i went home and to sleep.. alone.
saturday i went to look at a 3rd condo. it was totally blah. nothing special at all. i really think i would be best to go with the first one i looked at. it just felt like me.. it fit me, and it felt like home. a little paint and it would be home. my next step is to just convince myself that i want to stay there for 10 years. hmm...
then comes saturday at the brush. i absolutely HATE going in there at 3 on saturdays. why? because for some STUPID reason, they only have ONE person serving from 3 til 4.30. an hour and a half and i'm the only person serving. that's stupid. it would be fine during the week, but on saturdays, people are especially retarded and think eating at 3 pm is a good deal. what the fuck is wrong with people? anywho so i always get crazy busy from 3 til about 5 when everyone gets there. then i go for about 30 minutes with no tables, then i get slammed again. this saturday was even more crazy busy than friday night. we had a wait at the door til 9.30. 9:30!! that never happens. oh, and dustin was there. he is back to working at the brush and saturday night he was window/expo person. so i spent a lot of time in the kitchen running food. truthfully we didn't talk much, but he was just being quiet because he was on perkiset for his headaches, so i didn't feel bad having not talked to him. i was incredibly whooped saturday night when i left at 11 pm. i went straight to carmen and satt's and we watched a movie and went to sleep. exciting! actually it was nice to not have to stay up late and play poker. i had fun. then sunday i did pretty much nothing. work was slow due to the game.
it sucks the p's lost and all, but i don't have to wash a car now, so i'm happy.
tonight i have a blind date. a blind date with a guy from myspace. ... crazy? yes. i don't have any expectations, i'm just going with the flow. whatever happens, happens.
i'm so tired. i was dumb last night and drank wild cherry pepsi at 9 oclock. stupid caffeine.


Katie said...

I hope your date goes well. I expect full details of the evening and what this guy's like. Oh- and I hope you are meeting him somewhere public. Call if you need Daniel to rough him up for you! ;) See you tomorrow!

phaupster said...

I am reading/writing this on Wed afternoon, and I would like to announce that I am no longer deathly ill. Yay! Can we play now?