Wednesday, January 04, 2006

new year's weekend: part 2

i almost forgot to mention that thursday night me, carmen, dustin and sattercrunk played spades. me and carmen went down flaming unfortunately. but hey it's all good at least i got to "play". hehehe.

ok anyways so we played poker friday night, and then saturday morning me and carmen went to look at this condo. i have been for a while considering purchasing a condo. not that i can afford it or anything, but i really want my own place, and i may as well give this a shot. well, this condo rocks. the decorating style is old lady awful. i'm talking off white wallpaper with flowerdy bordering. so bad that my step mother loved it. when a woman with a mullet loves your wallpaper, it's time to redecorate. anywho it's really nice other than that. mirrors everywhere, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, nice closets, closed in back porch, and the best part, HOT TUB. oh yea. this is a sweet sweet deal and i'm really really thinking about this.. i just have to figure out how to break the news to my roomie. she's going to be crushed, but i have to do it. with my own place i can finally get a pug! or at least a kittie, like cheddar.

well back to the weekend! after this, carmen and i drove up to my dad's in lansing. that's the mountains, ashe county. it's a LONG drive. back ass country curvy mountain roads. there is no reason why i would ever want to live somewhere where you have to drive 30 minutes to get to a grocery store. no. and the driveway up to my dad's? shitty to say the least. my car is low, and therefore doesn't like bumpy ass mountain gravel driveways. well visiting my dad's house was just like always. my step brother was an annoying lying 18 year old asshole. my step mom was her usual transparent mullet-yeilding, nascar-loving, drug-addicted, skankorama. and of course my own brother was a drunken, sleazeoid, waste of human existense self.
but my stepsister is the exception. no matter how long she has lived in ashe county, she is still a sweet innocent, good person. i'm still not sure how she ended up a part of my family. it's probably because my dad has pretty much raised her for the last 10 years. he is good. he is the only reason i went up there. because i love my dad, and i never get to see him anymore. we didn't really get to talk or hang out much for the few hours i was up there. he was busy being sad about my brother's drinking and my step mother's skankiness. but it's ok because it was all worth it to get to see my dad.

well then me and carmen headed to boone. ah.. boone. just for a few minutes, to see my exroomie nick. he gave us free arby's and free milkshakes! yay! it was worth the 20 extra minutes added to the drive home.
upon arriving back in hickory, we stopped at my house for me to dress (grabbed my booby shirt), then we hauled ass over to carmen's. there we made an appearance at her neighbor's new years party.. free food and booze! and it was GOOD food too.. curry rice, some sort of salad type stuff.. i don't even know what it was, but it was damn good.

then finally satterfield got off work.. now we were supposed to be at ace's party for new years. but satt didn't get off work til 11.30. we knew there was no way to make it to ace's by midnight (he lives out in BFE) so we decided to stay at C's til 12. but then donnell called from sagebrush because he wanted to ride with us to the party. he told us that he had been invited. so we went to sagebrush.
so, at midnight, on one of my favorite holidays, on the day i requested OFF from sagebrush, that's where i was. fucking sagebrush. no midnight kiss for me. *sigh* at least i got a hug.
so then we headed to donnell's crib for him to change. while he was inside changing, ace called. satt said something about donnell, and ace said "what? i didn't invite donnell!"
donnell lied to us. he tried to trick us into bringing him to a party where he wasn't invited. well, we're smarter than that. so when donnell came back out, we told him that ace said that the party was pretty much over and everyone had gone home. so then donnell went back inside, and we went to ace's. what a liar.
well ace's party was awesome. there was only 9 of us there, but it was awesome.
ace's brother josh is from colorado and was here visiting. it was his birthday. 3 of their friends from maryland were there visiting as well. carmen, satt, brian the dj/cook and me were the others.
here's what went down: josh was playing a bongo drum, his friend nick was playing the guitar, nick's girlfriend was playing a mandolyn, satt was playing the harmonica, and brian was rapping here and there. it was AWESOME. beautiful music. josh was friggin amazing on his drum.. i mean seriously. they palyed a bunch of sublime songs, and it was like going to concert, but sitting in the middle of the stage and everyone knows the words, and it's all made up, but it's beautiful. here's the one, lonely picture i have from the whole night that i took with my camera phone: why only one? i was too lazy to get out my camera. hahaha. a great night, great oppurtunity for pics, and i only took one:
Image hosted by
nick is on the left playing the guitar behind his head, which he was really good at. josh is on the right banging his drum.

went to sleep around, oh 5 am. a lot of music, a lot of fun. a good night.

sunday went home, went to beef o' brady's to watch FOOTBALL with andrea, dave p., katie, and daniel. it was good eatin! but i was so tired! the panthers were winning so bad by halfway through the third quarter, and i was so damn tired that we just left. my game was even ON. my game was close, could have gone either way, but we just left. i didn't care, so tired. i just went home, put the internet on the game stats, and went to sleep. i tried to wake every few minutes to look at the score, but eventually i just fell to sleep too deep. but the point of the whole story, is that my team WON. they won the division title. and now they're playing the redskins on saturday. which SUCKS because i have to work. if they were playing sunday, i could watch it. but NO. the damn panthers got the sunday game. boo.

sunday night i went to c's where carmen, me and dustin (:)) watched the exorcism of emily rose. what a good movie! i really liked it. it was also very nice to be cuddly on the couch while watching the movie.. cuddly is good. stayed over there that night, since i had monday off at the cog. then i was supposed to work at the brush, but manly matt called me to ask if he could work for me. since it was rainy, i said ok. nobody wants to work at the brush on a rainy monday night.

so i watched some television and did some laundry. then i got stir crazy and decided to go pick up my brush paycheck. c and satt were there eating, so i hung with them for a bit. then i was headed home and manly matt called to ask what i was up to. i was planning on going home and going to sleep. that would have been the smart thing to do since i had to be up at 8 yesterday morning. but i'm not smart. he convinced me to go have a drink with him at rockola. i'm dumb. and then we went to randolph's billiards to play pool with ace and brian the dj/cook. i was up way too late. and i had four beers! but hey, at least i didn't have to pay for them. finally about 12 i decided i needed to go home, so i left. i had fun and cut out with enough to time to get a little sleep. i live a dangerous, yet fulfilling life.

yesterday was ok.. gpsn went great, it was perfect weather. went home, watched tv. then to c's to play spades with them and tim (ex brusher). me and tim won! satterfield went down for once! ha! then i was home by 11.30.. and now here i am.

that was a long one! no more blogging for at least a day!

my fingers hurt from all the typing!!

the new background picture was taken new years eve as the sunset over my dad's land.


phaupster said...

wow. that was intense. i'm gonna make myself a copy to document my own new years. man, it was fun.i can't think of a single thing to add. that was very very thourough.

Allison said...

thanks.. i try... maybe from now on i should try even harder to cut back on details.

phaupster said...

nah. i love it.