Monday, January 23, 2006

a few random things.

first of all, i was doing an google image search for pictures of the new saturn sky car today, and this was one that i found:

yes, that's right, he does have a mullet. heheheh. i love mullets. and i'm loving this new car. it's the first ever saturn convertable. and it'll be available soon! so in like 3 years, i could get a nice used one! or at least i can dream.

also: panthers fans, don't let yourself end up like this guy:

i was talking to my mommy on the phone today and i swear this is what she said:
"i had a colonostomy today, and my throat is KILLING me". hehehehe. see, she had the colonostomy and then they did a throat ostomy thinggy, whatever it's called. but that's not how she said it.

hee hee hee! good stuff.


phaupster said...

everytime i have a colonostomy, my throat hurts for weeks. seriously though, is she ok? and that car is HOT! do you work tonight? i'll have money soon, so i can actually do something other than holing up in my apartment. i miss you. :)

Allison said...

yes i work tonight. the sunday after super bowl you, me, satt, and adam are playing spades. done.