Friday, January 13, 2006


i don't really have anything important to say today. but i haven't blogged much this week, so i'm going to.
i think i really want to buy the condo i looked at! i'm going to look at another one on tuesday, but it doesn't have a hot tub! i finally talked to andrea about it and she seems cool, i just have to help her find a new roomie! how the hell am i going to do that?
tonight i will be playing poker, big surprise eh? sam is coming up to play though, so it'll be a little diff than the norm. i hope this helps him get over his estranged girl!

i may be going skiing monday with my brother.. who knows. i may be going on a blind date on sunday night or something.. who knows. let's see what else.. um..
i'm tired of typing.


Pigs said...

Thank you for being the only person who actually played my stupid little broom game. Good luck with the condo. I vote go hot tub. Especially where you live! You could get good use out of it.

phaupster said...

i vote hot tub too! sorry we play poker all the time. i don't think i like playing all the time either...we could picket or something. demand our basic human right to not play poker every week.