Friday, May 02, 2008

45 Down? Yes!

So on Wednesday I bought two airline tickets to go to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We are going to watch Appalachian play against the Louisiania Tigers. This is going to be scarey. I know I said it before about Michigan, but I still mean it. I honestly just hope we score a TD and don't come home with a broken quarterback again.

Either way this trip will rule for 2 reasons:
1: It will be the Mountaineers playing! Seeing as how they are the best football team ever, I will be excited to see the first game of the season in person.

2: I've never been to Louisiana. I've been 44 states in this lovely country of mine, but Louisiana is not on the list, yet. Now, next year they need to play in Kansas, North Dakota, Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska, so I can cross them all off of my list!

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