Thursday, May 01, 2008

So, I had a pretty awesome birthday.


After work, I headed to El Paso with Jared, Carmen, Jon, Matt, Katie, and Daniel. It was yummy except the darn patio was closed for some stupid reason. At least I got some good presents! Carmen and Jon got me the Sweeney Todd Soundtrack so I can annoy Jared some more with some Musical goodness. Katie and Daniel got me Kill Bill volume 1 and 2, which I have been wanting for a very long time, and also The Pirate Hunter, which has to be a good book, since it's about pirates.

Then we went home and after about 5 minutes the power went out to the whole building. Apparently squirrels like to commit suicide by getting into transformers. I lit a bunch of candles and Jared and I played some Rummy. A little later Brad came out from Durham after I guilted him into not coming to see me. He brought me a whole big bag of scratch off lottery tickets, which were a lot of fun. Then, we sat around for another hour looking through photo albums with a flashlight.

About 10:15 (right AFTER American Idol was over), the power finally came back on and all was back to normal.

Tonight? Hamburger Helper and Kill Bill. I hope.

You know it's a good bday when you have to wear 2 different sombreros and you get whipped cream between your boobs:


Sam said...

Sweet, I'm glad you had a good day (until the power went out, anyway.) I would've liked to have made it up, but I desperately need my beauty sleep. Sorry. :(

I still have yet to find you a present, but when I do, I'll be sending it your way.

Carmen Eckard said...

I'm glad they got that power fixed. But it was more like 10:45 or 11...I didn't leave McGuires till 10:30, and I hung out in your heavily candled living room for a while. Poor squirrel. Guess he had nothing to live for.

Carmen Eckard said... !!

Carmen Eckard said...

check my blog for 2 more pics!