Friday, May 23, 2008


You know who makes the best mashed potatoes? Carmen.

Yesterday I left work early because I felt just plain awful. I got home and hung out on the couch til five (boy was that nice). Then, Carmen called and said we were grilling out!

So we grilled out BBQ chicken, corn and mashed potatoes. Okay, we didn't really grill the mashed potatoes, but you get the drift. Man they were yummy.

Then we watched Cloverfield, which is even better the second time around. Good stuff.

And last night I forgot to set my alarm so I was groggily startled out of bed when I suddenly opened my eyes and the clock said 8:00. Oops.

Tonight will be fun, Jared and I are going to see Indiana Jones and go grocery shopping. Yay!

This weekend? I'm going to finish painting my kitchen walls, darn it!


Carmen Eckard said...

Know what? Your blog entry is so close to mine that it is funny. Good luck with the painting!

Joan said...

I love mash potatoes.