Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend Goodies

Well I have to say I had a pretty awesome weekend. Friday night started out with me selling Jared's futon for almost my asking price! Then I had a good salad and went to hang out with Jared at the Brush (Lenoir).

On Saturday, Carmen, Jon, our friend Matt, and I went for a day trip to Boone. We had lunch at Murphy's, went to some shops downtown, we had coffee at the Beanstalk, walked around campus, and even went to Howard's Knob for some funtime.

It was a beautiful day even though there were a few sprinkles here and there.

Then Saturday night, Carmen and I went to a little country bar to do karaoke. Normally, Carmen hosts karaoke on Saturday nights at McGuire's, but it was dead in there so we decided to go have fun elsewhere. We sang some non-country songs and we were pretty much the only ones not singing country, but it was still really cool. I really got that crowd into "I will Survive" and "Day-O".

Sunday was gorgeous too. Jared and I went up to my Dad's for his birthday where we pretty much just sat around talking and took a little walk. On our way back, Jared and I decided to take a little detour and go to Boone for some Mellow Mushroom. WOO!

What a fabulous weekend, 2 Boone trips! Next weekend I'm working on painting my kitchen! Then, Mother's Day, where I'll be helping my Mother paint her bathroom.

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Carmen Eckard said...

It was just a super super fun weekend. I'm so sad that it's over.