Monday, May 19, 2008

Lesson Learned

Lessons I learned over the weekend:

1. You are not fireproof.
2. You are not waterproof.
3. Murphy's Law mandates that if you leave on a journey with plenty of time to get there, you WILL get stuck in a traffic jam within 10 minutes of leaving your house.
4. Your Mexican friend really is that creepy, it's not just what your other friends think.
5. If you wake up and don't remember laying down the night before, you might have puke on your shirt.
6. You AREN'T that good at Taboo when you can't see the cards in front of your face.
7. You should NEVER go to Bob Evans the morning after drinking 3 beers and like, 7 rum & sprites.
8. The inside of Brad's toilet is not a friendly place.
9. You are NOT 21 anymore.
10. Brad rules.


Ryan said...

Ouch. Hope you feel better.

Joan said...

Wow. Sounds like quite a weekend. More details?

Carmen Eckard said...

I bet it took a lot of alcohol to make you bad at taboo. Speaking of...let's play!

Lovey said...

That was my weekend, too!! :) Fun times!

Sam said...

I hate realizing you're not 21 anymore. It especially sucks when your fiancee just turned 22 and you can't keep up with her.

At least you didn't wake up at your condo and not remember how you got there! That would've been bad.

Katie Bonk said...

I'm glad you're feeling better now. And I'm glad you agree about the Mexican now. :)