Thursday, May 15, 2008

4th grade poetry..

I like to think of this as my most shining achievement in penmanship.

"Bovine Premonitions" by Allison circa early-to-mid 1990's:

Oh How
Oh How
Oh How
Did I wake up as a cow?

Am I white with black spots?
Or black with white polkadots?

Oh, I was just dreaming.

*finger snapping**finger snapping**finger snapping*

More to come tomorrow.


KariBeri said...

dude.. im so doning on my black berret as we speak! Very clever for a 4th grader!

Carmen Eckard said...

much better than my fourth grade poem about north carolina:

we've always been called old tar heels...
and a whole lot of pride this makes me feel.
the cardinal is our state bird
wheat wheat wicher is his word.
and the dogwood is our state flower,
and knowing this fills me with power.

i was not a poet. i remember thinking that writing poems was impossible for me, because i couldn't think of enough rhyming words. but, i still remember our state bird and flower.

Carmen Eckard said...

and when you say "more tomorrow", dare i hope that you'll be thrilling us with more juvenile poetry?

Allison said...

This is the only one I have from 4th grade, but I have plenty from middle school.. which you can only imagine how awesome it is.

Lovey said...

too bad I threw out my 7th grade language arts folder last month!!