Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How I celebrated Memorial Day.

I think I just completed the laziest weekend ever! Hooray me!
Friday night Jared and I went grocery shopping, then out to eat, then to the movies to see Indiana Jones. This movie is freaking awesome by the way.

Shia LeBeouf is hot!

Saturday I did a little painting (trim) in my kitchen, in between episodes of Flip That House. I still have a ways to go, in the cabinet department.

Sunday I cleaned house a little, in between watching movies on TBS and such.

Monday I took down the painter's tape in the kitchen, in between episodes of CSI Miami. Then I went to non-Trivia (hey, whatdoyaknow, McGuire's is closed!).

There you go, I'm lazy and I'm okay with it.

Today I was miserable in the humid heat, and then the downpour.

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Carmen Eckard said...

sorry about mcguires. i thought i'd mentioned it.