Thursday, May 08, 2008


So, Jason Castro is gone.. No more prettiness to watch live every week on American Idol. Ah well, he's better off. He gave the best exit performance I've ever seen, though. Instead of crying and giving an emotionally awful song, he just danced around, smiling, not giving a crap and being all cute and goofy as hell singing his Bob Marley song without a care in the world! He was relieved. This is how it is meant to be, I guess. Ah well, I'll buy his CD if he ever comes out with one!

Last night, Jared and I went to a baseball game with his two BFF's Jeff and Justin (the 3 J-migos). It was pretty weather and kind of fun but man.. I don't know what I was thinking getting three boys together who have known each other since elementary school and have played baseball together all their lives. I saw a whole lot of the back of Jared's head while he was talking to the boys and reminiscing of games past. It's cool though, the game was actually quite interesting to watch and at one point all of the boys did the speed pitch thing and my awesome man kicked ass and beat the high speed pitch of the day. He rules like that.

Today? Today I had a job interview.. but I really can't say much about this other than that I'm just exploring things.

Tonight? I'm not doing a DAMN thing and that's how I want it.


Anonymous said...

you mentioned job interview, does this mean a bigger job where you can quit your day job too? what are you thinking about doing?

Lovey said...

Good luck!