Saturday, November 10, 2007

Collection #10: Pictures

Short and sweet tonight.. I'm still thawing from the Appalachian uh.. game in Boone today.

I collect pictures. Ever since I was a young'n I've always loved taking pictures. I've always had a camera, polaroid or otherwise. I have pictures all over my house, I have about 15 photo albums from before I got a digital camera, and I have exactly 3,800 pictures on my flickr right now. If you think that's a lot, you should see all the ones I haven't added to flickr. I try to never leave home without my camera, because you never know when you'll have a great oppurtunity to take a great picture.

Here are a few from the football game that Jared, my dad, and I went to today. My Apps beat Western Carolina U. in Boone. The final score was 79-35. We left at the beginning of the third quarter, as it was veryveryvery buttass cold.
i love ya

jared demonstrates how buttass cold it was today.

the beautiful kidd brewer stadium

Armanti about to throw his first pass of the game.

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Joan said...

It took the whole drive home for my feet to feel warm again. Hope you had fun.