Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Collection #28: Maps

Yes, maps. As a person holding a degree in Geography, I'm apparently expected to know where everything on the planet is. Unfortunately, I do not. In fact, I suck the worst at Jeopardy when the category is Geography. I only took 2 regional geography classes in college and they were North Carolina Geography and Latin American Geography. I can tell you most of the capital cities in South America, but I can't tell you where the hell Korea is.

This is why I collect maps. And atlases. They are always fun to look at, especially if they are old. I LOVE antique maps. Too bad I don't have any. Those suckers can get uberexpensive. (Look at the price HERE if you don't believe me) So I just stick to my National Geographic Maps. I have a lot. I keep them in my map table with map drawers, that my Mom gave me for Christmas last year. Like so:

lots and lots of maps

When I was in college, I wallpapered my living room with maps. They were cool.
I wish I had a picture to show you of this, but I do not. At least not on Flickr.

Here is the map hanging up in my spare bedroom:
The U.S. of A

I need to hang up more, but I'm too lazy.

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Joan said...

My mom loves to look at maps. I've found this curious because she doesn't care to travel very far and she doesn't fly. I usually look at maps to see where I've been, where I will be going, or where I'd go if I had the money.