Monday, November 19, 2007

Collection 19: Beck pictures

So from the first time I heard the song "Loser" by Beck, I was hooked. That was when I was 12. I was immediately in love with him, and his long hair and flannel shirts. For me, he was the most amazing musician that ever lived. All through middle school and high school I thought of him every day and dreamed of when I would meet him and be his wife. I bought subscriptions to Rolling Stone and Spin magazines just in the hopes of catching articles about him. I would sit in front of MTV for hours and recorded any smidgen of him that they were nice enough to play.

Up until age 18 I collected every single magazine cut out of him and taped them into my "Beck book". This was a giant notebook I found and turned into a tribute of my favorite musician. I had/have a lot! I still have the notebook, even though I am no longer obsessed with him. Once I got into college, my musical taste changed somewhat and I don't listen much anymore. But I still appreciate his genius.

Here are some pictures of this notebook (where I also keep my autographs and pictures of Daniel Johns and Gavin Rossdale).
my "beck" notebook.

When I was 14, I was lucky enough to see him in concert. It still ranks in my top 3 concerts of all time. Especially since I almost met him and he actually looked at me from inside his tourbus, and when I requested they stop to give me an autograph, he mouthed "I'm sorry" to me. aaah.... I still keep the pick I got from the concert in my wallet..


Joan said...

I use to think Gavin Rossdale was hot. Actually I still think he is.

Katie said...

And now you are dating Beck's twin. ;) Coincidence? I think not!

Allison said...

hahahaha he hears that a lot!

Joan: I do too!