Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Collection 21: Star Stuff

I've always been a big fan of anything to do with stars. I love the shape, and I also love astronomy, even though I'm no good at it. When I was 19, I decided to get a tattoo and what I decided on was a star:
my tattoo because i'm bored.

Then that's when everybody decided to start buying me star stuff. I'm perfectly okay with this. I have a really pretty star mobile (which is sadly not hung up right now). I have tons of little star knickknacks. My apartment in college had several of those bags of neon stars hung up on my bedroom ceiling. Stars are just pretty and they always will be.

A few examples:
Star picture frame, cube thinggy

candles and box

My favorite necklace:
(cubic zirconia :)


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Joan said...

It our first apartment together, David painted constellations all over our ceiling with that illuminating paint. It was really cool when you cut the lights out. Our landlord wasn't as amused.