Thursday, November 29, 2007

Collection 29: Posters

When I was a college student, I did the normal college student thing, and hung posters on my walls. I did this in High School and Middle School too, but I don't have pictures of those.

Most of my posters were comprised of attractive men and music I liked. Well, mostly just Johnny Depp.

I still have a lot of my posters, but alas I don't hang them up anymore. I would need to frame them, so I can be an adult. But I'm too poor for all that now. So I just keep them in storage. I have more than the ones here, too, but no pictures.

Click Johnny below to see the slideshow.
p.s. if you click the big "I" in the middle, it shows you the description of each.

Edward Scissorhands


Joan said...

I know I had posters but the only one I can recall right now was John Taylor of Duran Duran

Katie Bonk said...

haha! Did Jared enjoy holding down JT while you took a picture? ;)

Allison said...

actually, no! he was not enjoying being torn away from the tv.