Monday, November 05, 2007

Collection #5: Barbies.

Okay, this one is a liiiittle bit of a cop out, since I no longer collect Barbies. But when I was a young'n, I had a lot of them! My mother still has them all at her house. My favorites were the one redhead barbie I had (guess why.), my Joey McIntyre Ken doll, my Brandon Walsh doll, and my MC Hammer doll. I somehow lost the Brandon Walsh doll :(. But I still have the MC Hammer and the Joey McIntyre. Plus, about 20 Barbies, and boxes and boxes of accessories, including a horse, a big pink limo (with hottub), and a store.

Stop! Hammer time.

I opened a box and found Hammer and Joey M like this:
Hammer and Joey McIntyre on top of the box of other barbies.



Carmen Eckard said...

Please tell me you brought them home.

Joan said...

MC Hammer and Joey - caught together.
'You Can't Touch This'

Allison said...

hahahahaha Nice.

nope, i left them there. for now.