Friday, November 09, 2007

Collection #9: Buccaneers Stuff.

Yes, this collection goes along with the football cards and the pirate stuff, but it is different. Obviously, my favorite NFL team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Why? Because I am Floridian, I was born in Bradenton, Florida. This is near Tampa. While we lived in Florida, the Bucs were my family's favorite team.

Once we moved to NC, they cheered for the Redskins mostly (my mother has always been a Skins fan, and the Bucs sucked at that point). I wasn't really caring either way since I didn't really like football anyways. Then in high school I realized the awesomeness of football (marching band, woo!) and picked up the old Buccaneers because they were my original team. Plus, my older brother was pulling for them.

Well since then, I've developed into quite the Buccaneers fan and therefore collect stuff. I have the football cards, a cool snowglobe, a dammit doll (that Katie and Andrea gave me), a bobblehead, numerous shirts and hats, and lots of other fun things.

My Joe Jurevicius Superbowl bobblehead is my favorite item. He is broken, but as long as you don't touch him, you don't know. I love that because I got it off ebay right after they won the superbowl. It has him, and a big Superbowl ring, and the final game score on the bottom.

Some of the good stuff

PS that picture thinggy you see with the "40" is from the game my brother and I went to, where we were on the front row at Panthers stadium. Woo! Click here to see! Also here!

Here is my flag that Brad gave me, which hangs in my pirate bathroom:
Bucs Flag

By the way, Dane Cook was awesome!!
hot AND funny.
Jumbotrons rule.


Joan said...

I wrote a comment but I think I got distracted and it didn't post. I went to Bradenton once. My roommate and I were driving from Boone to Miami and stopped in Bradenton. Her parents' friends lived there. All I saw were old people.

Calfkeeper said...

Hi. Just visiting from Nablopomo and wanted to comment. I loved reading about your collections. I have a couple myself; box turtle shells (about 30 of them), postage stamps (most from overseas) and I am starting on giraffes.

Keep collecting!

Cheers, Rebecca