Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Collection #7: Star Wars Stuff.

Yes, dear readers, I AM that cool. I collect Star Wars memorabilia. If I were rich, I'd buy ALL the vintage toys. I'd buy Luke Skywalker and Han Solo's costumes and I'd wear them.. Or I'd make Jared wear them. I'd completely remodel my house to look like it's from Star Wars. And then, I'd have a Star Wars Wedding. Jared would totally be down with that... maybe..

For some strange reason when I was 14, my Aunt Sue gave me the original Star Wars Trilogy for Christmas. This is the only Christmas present she has ever given me. It's like some sixth sense told her to give this to me. I'd seen them before once or maybe twice when I was young, but I never understood. Once my aunt gave me the trilogy to own, and I watched them again, I understood. So I watched them again, and again, and again. I was hooked.

I am officially a Star Wars Nerd. Not Geek. Geek is a term specifically reserved for the fans of that other genre (Star Trek).

Anywho, I'm also one of the rarer breeds of Star Wars Nerds, because I also love the new movies. Episode 3 was so awesome, I cried when it was over. I went to see all 3 of them at midnight releases. I only wish I could see the originals on the big screen. Or maybe at least on HIDEF (Stephen?? :D)?

Anywho my collection looks meager here, but it is not really:
Nerdy Star Wars Collection.
Click on it and look at the large size.

You should see all of my lightsabers. And my Darth Vader Mask, and my TWO Darth Taters. And so on.


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Joan said...

My blogging/flickr friend Mikey is into all that stuff. I don't get a lot of what he's doing.