Friday, November 16, 2007

Collection 16: Boys' Digits.

Yep, phone numbers. Cute (sometimes even not cute) boys are something I have always appreciated. Anytime in my life that a boy has given me his phone number, I have kept it, and stapled or taped it into my journal. I've had the same journal since 10th grade (1997). I sometimes go 2 years without writing in it, then I'll write 10 pages in it. I'm off center like that. I picked it up the other night to take pictures of the digits for this post. It was then that I realized I had not written in it since 2005. That means there is not one mention of Jared. Don't get me wrong, I have written myself a few pages of journal entries about Jared, but they've been on notebook paper or whatever I had with me at the time. So I took those papers and put them in my journal, and then wrote a few pages about Jared. Now I only have 4 pages left in the journal I've had since 1997. Ten years of life.

Anywho I've collected quite a few phone numbers over the years. At least, I think I've got a lot. Stapled in the back of the journal are all the random boys' numbers. There are other numbers stapled throughout the book, where I've talked about certain boys. But rather than risk you seeing any of my atrocious handwriting, I'm just going to show you the ones in the back. :)

Sean, the Fry Master of All that is meat.


pizon's boys..

more boys!! notice the heart

all from my apartment in boone..

Most of them I never called ;D


Sam said...

hahaha, that is awesome... I'm sure Jared is a big fan of this collection. Is my number in there anywhere? Probably not, huh?

Allison said...

well, since you gave me your digits via email, no.

Sam said...

You mean you didn't print it out and take it home to staple in your book? I'm disappointed in you, Allison. =P

Joan said...

My husband doesn't want to throw anything away. If you meet him, please don't tell him about your collections.