Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Collection #6: Football Cards

This is what inspired me to do 'collections' as a NaBloPoMo theme. Football cards. Ever since I started dating Jared, I've started collecting football cards. Not a lot, mind you.. Well, not a lot compared to Jared's collection. I have probably 100. Some of them are pretty cool, I think.

Actually I did have 2 before I met Jared. I have a Mike Alstott autographed card that my brother bought for me a long time ago. He is one of my two favorite pro-football players, even though he is perpetually injured. He has played for Tampa Bay his entire pro career, and he is awesome. The ATrain rolls on. Also, I have a Joe Jurevicius rookie card that I bought on ebay a long time ago, just because. He is my other favorite player, who now plays for Cleveland.

For the past year and a half, I have been around Jared a lot. We are always together when we go to Target. Everytime we go to Target, Jared buys either baseball cards, basketball cards, or football cards. He gets overly excited when he gets cool things, like autographs or jersey cards. He then excitedly shows me. After a while of this I finally got excited about them too, and started to buy a few here and there, to share in his excitement. I only buy football cards though, since I hate basketball and I don't know any baseball players.

Like I said, I only have around 100. Jared has about 10,000. Yes, 10,000. And that is a rough estimate. I suck at estimating but I know he has at least that many. If you saw my guest bedroom, you'd agree. Anytime he gets a Buccaneers card, he gives it to me. I have a lot of them.

I'm starting to like this collection. It's growing on me. I'll never be a "collector" though because I don't really like spending a lot of money on them. Plus, I don't know what's worth a lot. It's just nice to have something like this to share with Jared.

Plus, I love football.

Football Cards

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Carmen Eckard said...

i didn't know about this collection. i liked it better when i didn't know about it.