Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Collection 13: Candles

Now I know there are many many people out there who can say they collect candles. When I was 13ish, I collected weird candles. I loved any kind of candle that wasn't the "norm". I had a candle shaped like a poodle, and a few shaped like eyeballs. I had one of those hands that melt red blood. I had several different fruit candles, and even a Beethoven candle. I don't have those anymore, I'm sure they either melted or my mother threw them away. Nowadays, I just have normal candles. But I have a lot! I believe we have close to 40 here in the house and outside. And everyone of them has been lit at least once. They say it's bad luck to have an unburnt wick in the house. Who knows.

Here is my current favorite, the one Jared gave me as a birthday present. It is Rose Petals from Yankee Candle Co.
Smells Yummy

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Joan said...

When I was in 7th grade I went through this phase where I had all these weird candles. I'm surprised my mother let me burn them in my room. It was the same time I was really into Kiss.