Thursday, November 22, 2007

Collection 22: Mullet Pictures

As a Thanksgiving Treat for you, I present, Mullets. Mullets are the coolest hair style ever. I love taking pictures of them if I can. It's risky, but it's a thrill. It's my extreme sport.

Here's the best one I've got a picture of:
the biggest and best, mullet #6

Click HERE to see all of my mullet pics.

And here's a picture of me as a youngun where it appears I may have a mullet myself:
my brother alan teaching me how to drink.


Joan said...

It's a look a really hope becomes extinct.

Alisa Ryan said...

There was a mullet at the Contra Dance last night in Durham!!!!! I thought of you and wished I had my camera with me.

Anonymous said...

Hey I have a mullet myspace my brother in law got me started on it he took some funny pics from the NASCAR race we were at as did I this past weekend.
the space is Mullet Mania 2008.