Sunday, November 04, 2007

Collection #4: Snowglobes

It all started with this one:
jungle globe

In 11th Grade English class, we had to read The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair. It was a decent book, except for the last chapter. In 11th Grade I was not interested in reading 30 pages about Socialism.

A big part of our grade for the book was to make a model of something from either The Jungle, or Ellen Foster, by Kaye Gibbons. I chose to do a scene from The Jungle. I wanted to show the main character's (Jurgis's) struggles with working in the pig slaughterhouse.

I'm not sure what made me think of it, but I decided to make a snowglobe. For the globe, I used a glass jar. For Jurgis, I needed a male figurine who could pass for someone in the early 20th century. I chose to use a Han Solo action figure. I also included a small plastic pig. I superglued them to the inside of the lid, and filled the jar with water and glitter for snow.

Needless to say, I got an "A" on this project. That year for Christmas I made snowglobes to give to boys.

Ever since then, I've been collecting snowglobes. Anytime I go on vacation, I come back with a cheesy snowglobe (and a deck of cards). The cheesier the better. I've got a lot of fun ones. I have one with pictures of Brad (one of my best friends) and another with pictures of Johnny Depp. I have a globe with Raymond James Stadium (home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) in it. I love these little snowglobes!



Joan said...

I considering collecting snow globes at one point. It occurred to me I do sorta have a collection.

Allison said...

a collection of snowglobes?