Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Collection 20: Spottie Dottie Stuff

When I was in 9th grade, I had a close friend who was all into Hello Kitty and collected Hello Kitty Stuff. Soon after, a mutual friend started collecting the little frog character (from Hello Kitty) and his stuff. Then it was determined that all our little group would choose different characters and collect that junk. I was given Spottie Dottie:

So I bought the sticker book, the notebooks, the little lunchbox and various other pink things. I had a lot of them but rarely used them and a few months ago I decluttered my storage closet and gave most of it away to Goodwill, or just threw it away. I'm too old for a pink dalmation.


Joan said...

I didn't know about Spottie Dottie.

Anonymous said...

You can never be too old for kid stuff. Kid stuff is fun, creative, and light-hearted. Why be a "serious adult"?