Monday, November 19, 2007

You know what?

I had a pretty great weekend. A lot of football, and I loved it.
Yesterday, my Buccaneers beat Atlanta 31 to 7. Woohoo! And, my fantasy football team won 98 to 97. A close one. I started out the fantasy season 0 and 5. Now I am 6 and 5.

I went to the App game (obviously) and tailgated with Katie, Daniel, Jeff, Tracy, Chad, Erica K, and 2 new people (Dennis and Kristen). I had a blast tailgating and had an even better time at the game. Somehow the game is a lot more fun when it's close, like it was this weekend. We won 37 - 17 and it seemed a lot closer than that to me. I wrote 2 posts ago that we played bad, but really I'm no pro and shouldn't have judged. Plus, I was kind of drunk when I wrote that. If we hadn't played well, we wouldn't have won. That's that.

This weekend is the first round of the playoffs and we are playing James Madison University (who we beat last year in the playoffs) and I just bought my ticket. I'm still not sure if I will be able to go or not, but I figured I'd better buy a ticket now and not be stuck without one just in case.

Here's a great picture from this past game that my girl Marie took for the Blue Ridge Blog (click here for blog):

And here's a few I took:
me enjoying some appalachian foosball
marie, doing her thang
pierre banks and jacques roman

Here's Corey Lynch that I took:
corey lynch

Click here and look at the rest of Marie's great pics from the game, including the one she took of Corey Lynch with his gorgeous fiance. He's so handsome. And he's my friend on Facebook. I guess that means we're cool or whatever :D

HERE are all of my pictures from the game.

P.S. I told Jared on Saturday night that we were going to name our first born son Lynch. Lynch Williamson. I like it.


Sam said...

That first picture of you, Katie and Daniel is classic. "Wave for the camera!"

Marie said...

Love this post. It was so cool when I heard you guys yell, "Hey Marie." I felt the love :)
But I am an introvert so if'n I seem awkward, it is mainly because I'm a social freak.

Marie said...

I have a photo to send you but I'm not sure of your email. Mine is: vfreeman at skybest dot com. Email me and I'll send you somethin...