Sunday, November 18, 2007

Collection 18: Shot Glasses

Okay first off, I know that the last post is titled Collection 7 instead of 17. I was really really really tired last night and it shows. I'm leaving it.

Here is a collection I didn't really intend to have, it just sort of happened. Shot Glasses are one of those things that you can really give to anybody who drinks alcohol. They are always appreciated but not really used that much. I really only use mine when I throw parties, which is rarely now. But I still have them. Some of them are Jared's. Most were presents. I like them all for different reasons. Click on the picture of them all below to look at it in flickr, where there are notes for each one.
lots of em.


Joan said...

This is one collection I could see myself doing. I have a few but can't find them all. Catherine uses them for paint or water for her art projects.
P.S. On my latest post, I was surprised you didn't put "Johnny" for the "J"!
Looks like you had fun at the game. I was proud I managed to text Katie after having a few beers since my eyesight is declining and I'm not coordinated.

Allison said...

OH yea! Johnny! Ugh. What's wrong with me? I need more sleep. Text messaging after beers is only ok if it's to girls :)